It's game time!


W. C. Mack was born in Vancouver, B.C. and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Always a Canucks fan, she has also been known to cheer for the Portland Winterhawks.

She's also a fan of the Portland Trailblazers

And she's been spotted with her fella at a Ducks game or two

And at a Blue Jays home game

She'll root for the Chargers

And the Padres

She visited the Ravens' nest

And the Phillies locker room

She braved a Bruins vs. Islanders game

And became a fan at Fenway

She gets a kick out of Green Bay

And their Viking rivals

And has she mentioned the MLS Champion Portland Timbers?

She roots for the Rangers

And cheers for the Cowboys

And roots for the Royals

And cheers for the Cardinals

And don't get her started on the Steelers

Or raving about the Reds

Or talking Titans