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Athlete vs. Mathlete #2: Double Dribble

The basketball action—usually seen through the eyes of Owen—is well paced and will appeal to athletes and mathletes alike. (Booklist)

Ample basketball play-by-play makes this a more attractive offering for reluctant readers. (Kirkus)

This second book in the series is a good choice for reluctant readers who like sports. (School Library Journal)

This is a great story about family, team and identity. I can’t wait to share it with students!  (Bring on the Books!)

Athlete vs Mathlete

Offering an honest and funny representation of sibling rivalry and peer pressure, this contemporary tale, told from the boys’ alternating points of view, ought to find a large fan base. (Publishers Weekly)

There’s wit as well as painful reflection in the novel, which shows both boys developing unrecognized talents behind their cool jock and proud nerd facades. A promising first volume in the Athlete vs. Mathlete series. (Booklist)

This tale of shifting self-identity should strike a chord with adolescent readers trying to sort out who they are and where they belong. (Children’s Literature)

Chapters alternate between the brothers’ first-person accounts, providing readers with a nice look at their diametrically opposed thinking. (Kirkus)

One of the best (and most honest) interpretations of sibling rivalry in recent memory, this book should be an immediate buy for parents with multiple children. (Huffington Post Canada)

This is a book that will fly off the shelves; funny, realistic, school drama, sports, there’s something for everyone. I highly recommend it and am looking forward to adding the sequel, Double Dribble, as well. (Jean Little Library)

The light-hearted banter and family dynamics make it wholesome and sweet. (VOYA)

Finally a book that will get the boy’s flipping pages after shooting hoops. (The Literary Bookie)

I can’t wait to see if this author comes out with another book about these characters! I would love that. (Kids Books Central)

I spent the entire book rooting for Owen to get his head back in the game and for Russ to figure out how to be a great player for both his interests. They’re such fun characters, I didn’t want to put the book down! (U.S Kids)

Line Change

Again, Miss Mack has does an outstanding job at showing younger readers some important lessons. From working hard in practice to listening to and respecting your parents and coach, Miss Mack has written another excellent story surrounding Nugget McDonald. (Hockey Blog in Canada)

A hockey lover’s dream book. It’s easy to relate to for any young hockey player or sports fan. (CM Magazine)

Hat Trick

I really like the messages contained within Miss Mack’s book. Hat Trick provides an excellent moral story without being too preachy, and Jonathan’s story is one that kids should relate to in terms of school being more important than sports. The conflicts, both internally and externally, that Jonathan faces present very good lessons that all children should know. (Hockey Blog in Canada)

It’s a good story with a good message … if you have a young hockey fan who is perhaps a reluctant reader or struggling a bit in school, W. C. Mack’s HatTrick may be the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas. (Hockey Book Reviews)

A lovely book for readers from Grade 4. (Fernfolio)