It's game time!

Coming soon!

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I’m excited to share the cover of my new snowboarding book, “Whiteout”, which will be published by Scholastic Canada this winter.

Steven White’s family has just moved. Again. The good news:  there’s great snowboarding. The bad news: another new school.
This time Steven takes a shortcut to popularity — by claiming to be related to the famous snowboarder Cody White. But it’s not long before his lie is discovered and Steven is facing a whole new kind of unpopularity.
He takes refuge on the slopes and strikes up a friendship with a mysterious snowboarder, who turns out to be running from troubles of his own.
As they challenge each other to take on the hardest runs, can they also help each other face up to some difficult truths?

Maryland Madness!

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I recently visited McDonogh School, just outside of Baltimore.  I was surprising Paula, a young reader who has read almost all of my books (including the hockey series, which isn’t sold in the United States!)

Needless to say, she was surprised, along with the rest of Ms. Hailstone’s class. The kids were good listeners and asked really great questions, making it a very fun stop!

Hanging out with Paula

Ms. Hailstone's class - a lively bunch! Can you spot the teacher?

Paula and her mom Anna, who was a great host and surprised ME. . .

with a box shaped like one of my books. . .

filled with cookies, decorated with my book covers! Seriously, how cool is that?

The Classic Catering People were responsible for the treats. Thank you!!!

And special thanks to Harriet, our delightful pre-visit lunch companion.

Until next time, Maryland!