It's game time!

The Stanley Cup!

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I recently visited the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, which is filled with more uniforms, pictures and cool stuff than I ever would have imagined. And. . .I got to not only see but TOUCH the Stanley Cup! Seriously, how cool is that?

And it's always nice to spot my own books on the shelf. Thank you, Indigo at Yorkdale Shopping Centre!

Line Change is here!

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Line Change was officially released on October 1, 2011, and here is the promised excerpt. . .

Chapter One

We only had three minutes left on the clock when things
started to get serious. And they’d been pretty stinkin’ serious
already, thanks to the Thunder’s left defenseman, who
was grinding our guys into the boards every chance he got.
I had no idea what his parents were thinking, but they’d
named the kid Adrian. They should have been able to see
what was coming and call him Tank.
Anyway, this monster had been knocking me around for
the whole period, and I was getting pretty tired of the refs
not calling it. Coach O’Neal was shouting from the bench,
along with the rest of the team and our fans (well, families)
in the stands.
I’d been personally introduced to the kid’s elbow at least
six times, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was playing to win.
So I was pretty disappointed when Coach called me out.
I skated off the ice, passing our own hulking mass of
muscle (and my Math tutor), Eddie Bosko, who high-fived
me as he took over the right wing position.
“Nice job, Nugget,” he said, with a growl like a grizzly.
“Thanks,” I said, as I climbed onto the bench.
“That defenseman’s a beast,” Patrick Chen said, shaking
his head from farther down.
“No doubt,” I groaned. “Every time I had the puck, he
had me.”
“You played hard, son,” Coach O’Neal said, patting me
on the back. “That kid’s at least twice your size and you
gave him a run for the money.”
I couldn’t help thinking that if my stupid growth spurt
would hurry up and happen, I wouldn’t even be having the
Or any conversation about size.
“Man, I hope we can win this one,” Patrick said as he
pulled on his gloves, just in case Coach put him in.
I glanced past Patrick, where David “Bedhead”
McCafferty was resting against the wall. He looked half
asleep, as usual.
It was too bad he never looked half-awake.
Seriously, who could relax during a hockey game?
Especially when they were on the team!
I watched the game, wishing I was still in there. I’d had
to accept the fact that Bosko and I were sharing right wing,
but that didn’t mean I liked it.
If I had my way, I’d play hockey every second of every
day. It was my favourite thing to do, and I happened to be
pretty awesome at it. If I wasn’t playing, I was practising,
and if I wasn’t practising I was either watching it on TV or
reading about it.
Which reminded me that my copy of Shoot! Volume 4
would be arriving at Chapters any day.
Was hockey my life?